Reviews for new Bodyclock Iris

Our newest wake-up light, Bodyclock Iris with aromatherapy, was released in October and has been getting some great reviews in the media and is included on various Christmas gift guides. Don't just take our word for it read the reviews for yourself...

Health & Fitness make it part of their 'Sleep Survival Kit' and Natural Health highlighted it in their 'NH Loves' feature:

All About You list it in their 'Top 10 SAD and wake-up lights' and The Telegraph was also won over: "I was fairly dubious, but I’ve been using Lumie BodyClock Iris for two weeks now and am genuinely impressed.

Bodyclock Iris seems to be a hit with mums, with Mother & Baby recommending as part of their 'Feel This Great All Winter' feature; Bump to Baby says Bodyclock Iris would make ‘a wonderful gift this Christmas’ and Attachment Mummy is so impressed she's put it on her own Christmas wish list: "We have been trying it with lavender and lemon essential oils, which smell divine... highly recommended for making mornings easier, you really do feel more energetic after using this, we love it!".

For a really in-depth review, take a look at Healthista ("The Lumie Bodyclock Iris became a part of my bedtime ritual that I looked forward to") and Luxury Travel Diary which also has some lovely photos and declares "The Iris is just awesome!". 

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